• CSA Series

    CSA Connector Distribution Harness 5 ways output

    Contacts Per Interface Ordering No. L1(mm) L2(mm) Cable Peeling Dim. mm Wire Peeling Dim. mm Interface Quantity Circriut
    2 920002400 220(Customized) 80 30(Customized) 6(Customized) 5 Series
    2 920002800 220(Customized) 80 30(Customized) 6(Customized) 5 Parallel

    Applicable Condition And Product Materials

    Circruit Series / Parallel
    Contacts Per Interface 2
    Rated Voltage 400V
    Rated Impulse Voltage 2500V

    Rated Current

    Contact Resistance 10mΩ
    Insulantion Resistance 100MΩ
    Protection Dergree IP67
    Working Temperature -40℃ ~ +85℃
    Material of Overmolding PA
    Material of Contacts Copper Alloy with Gold Plating
    Standard According to EN61984 UL2238
    Certification (Planning) CQC/TUV/UL